Services By ATCNC

3D Printing

We offer a 3D printing service that can accomodate up to 500mm x 500mm x 500mm.

Perfect for that prototyping of plastic parts.

Slab Flattening

Our CNC Router has a bed sizes of 2440mm x 1300mm making it a perfect size to aid the slab flattening part of real wood,

Panel Processing

Our softwares that we use have the capability to nest your parts to maximize the amount of parts per sheet of material.

CNC Laser

Our 130watt laser has a bed size of 1400mm x 900mm. Cutting and Engraving a vast array of materials.

Shipping Crates

We provide custom made shipping crates to ship your goods safely any where in the world. Crates come assembled or flat pack.

2D & 3D Design

We offer a 2d and a 3d design service, This is everything from flat panels to injection molding tools.